Ending and Beginning


As we end another year of learning at Forsyth Road, there are many endings that lead to new beginnings. Each class ends a year of community and growth together. Each teacher wraps up their plans for student learning and begins to think ahead to next September’s fresh start. Each student finishes projects and activities and begins a summer of fun and hopefully new and different types of learning! Our Grade 7 students end their elementary school days and begin their secondary school careers. And I myself finish my time at Forsyth Road and begin a learning journey in another school, with new students, staff and families to meet. You, dear Forsyth Road community, begin a wonderful relationship with your new principal, Mrs. Flanagan. On behalf of everyone at Forsyth Road, have a wonderful summer and keep on learning! Best wishes to you all


E is for Enjoy

This year our home reading focus has been “Forsyth READS”.  The E stands for “enjoy” and we decided to enjoy reading with our whole school!  We put on our pyjamas, brought our favourite books and our flashlights to the gym and had a flashlight reading party!  Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a great book with a friend and the coziness of a flashlight.  We hope the pictures help share that feeling with you!

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Green Goal Update

20130418-160722.jpg We are officially past the half-way point in our green goal challenge for the month of April! Various classes have set goals to improve their earth-friendly habits. This poster in Mrs. Aubertin’s grade 1/2 class shows how they are tracking their progress. Their goals of turning off classroom lights and bringing litter-free lunches are going well! Stay tuned for the end of month final result!

Students in Ms. Willing’s grade 4/5 class have been participating in the “Energy Diet Challenge” sponsored by Shell Canada and Canadian Geographic. The photos above show one project. The students created practical and decorative objects using all pre-used materials. These projects are on display in our centre display case if you’d like to drop by and take a look!

April News

 This is our first attempt at putting our monthly newsletter on the blog.  We’d love to know what you think of this interactive version! Please feel free to add your comments at the end.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the final term of our 2012/13 school year! As always the weeks and months slip by when we are so busy learning together in this wonderful school community.  This time of year is always exciting with many extra-curricular activities taking place, including preparations for our talent show, Ultimate team, track and field, and many springtime field trips for our students.  We have also launched a “Green Challenge” for April to encourage everyone in our community (including you, the families!) to set a “green” goal to support a healthy environment for all.  Check out our school blog at learningatforsyth.wordpress.com for more details!


Forsyth R.E.A.D.S Read, Enjoy, Appreciate Daily & Share!

Students and staff at Forsyth Road continued to celebrate the habit of daily reading during March.  At this month’s assembly we recognized 41 students for reading each day.  If you’ve been down our halls I’m sure you’ve seen evidence of this reading as the “Book Tickets” are shared on the bulletin boards.  We’ve had to make the tickets smaller so that we can fit them all on!

Want to share what you’ve been reading?  Visit the “Book Blog” section of our school blog and click on “Leave a Reply” to tell our community about your latest favourite read.

As the “A” in R.E.A.D.S. stands for “Appreciate”, we appreciate the commitment of the following students to reading every day and reading for the love of it!

Katie M.               Gurleenjit H.               Aditya P.              Isabella R.               Isabella K.

Hannah F.            Payton K.                   Cyrah M.              Andre M.                  Roa A.

Moses B.              Richard D.                  Ayodele O.           Joel C.                     Jennifer T.

Alana N.               Rasna D.                   Umar M.               Jassu M.                  Hannah V.

Harshpreet R.       Deborah C.                Kristy K.               Ashley B.                 Tayla P.

Gabby S.              Isabella W.                Maseeh N.            Caprice M.                Ravneet D.

Sharaheel A.         Jessica L.                   Daisy B.               Amel A.                   Sahil N.

Nga W.                 Kayden F.                  Isaac Y.               Kyla C.                    Tina Y.

Enoch D.

Ultimate Athletes!   ultimate

2013 Ultimate Frisbee season is now underway!  Ms. Willing has organized her committed team of students in Grades 6 and 7 out on the practice field and they are gearing up for their first game on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.  Ultimate is a super-fun sport that combines Frisbee with rules similar to football for a fun-filled game.  We are looking forward to hearing tales of the great teamwork and healthy activity that these students will have throughout their season.  Go Falcons go!

Social-Emotional Learning and Songwriting

Research tells us that children need more than just the “3 Rs” in school.  Teaching positive social-emotional skills is also an important part of education.  Our students in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 are going to have a very cool opportunity to work with a professional songwriter and social-emotional teacher, Steve Seskin.  On Thursday, April 11, 2013 these classes will each have a workshop to put their ideas into song, and at 1:40 p.m. Steve and the students will perform their song during a concert assembly.  Parents, of course, are welcome to attend!  Then, on Friday, April 12, 2013 the students will perform at two concerts at the Bell Centre with students from other schools as their audience.  We wish them luck in their performances!

Super  Scientists!

In March several of our Intermediate students stretched their scientific brainpower and participated in our school Science Fair.  After displaying their projects to all of our students and explaining their projects to the panel of demanding judges, three projects were chosen to represent Forsyth Road at the Surrey District Science Fair.  After another round of judging, all three of our projects earned GOLD medals!  Congratulations to all of our students and you should be very proud of your hard work and accomplishments.

GOLD Medal winners were: Maria H., Gurleenjit H., Flora S. and Ashley B.

Destination: Imagination

For the third year in a row, teams from Forsyth Road Elementary took part in the Fraser Valley Regional Destination Imagination Tournament.  What is D.I.?  It is creative problem-solving in teams that develops all kinds of skills!  This year we had two teams competing at the Middle Level.  The “D.I.nosaurs” (Isabelle P., Bachuoch M., Sally J.) and “D-Adidas” (Roa A., Taisen S., and Adri A.) had a great time building their twistable structure and creating a dramatic performance with its own “twist”.  Thank you for representing our school with creativity and great teamwork!


As a group of parents, grandparents and guardians of students at Forsyth Road Elementary, our goal is to support special activities and learning experiences to make our children’s time at school memorable.  We are proud to have recently provided $5.00 per student to help pay for class activities and field trips.

Thank you to everyone who supports our fundraisers and movie nights.

Please join us for our next meeting this Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.  Please note that this is a potluck meeting, so feel free to bring your favourite dish to share!

Welcome & Farewell

A warm Forsyth Road welcome to the following students and families that joined our school community during the month of March:

Zayin P. – Gr. 3            Qoheleth P. – Gr. 7            Dyssenia F. – Gr. 5          Diego F. – Gr. 6

Dehesa F.  – Gr. 3          Johnny M. – K

A fond farewell to the following students who have moved.  We wish them and their families all the best in their new school communities:

Elias R.  – Gr. 4           Brandon D.      – Gr. 6

Mark Your Calendar! 

(You can also view our online calendar here)

April 11         –    Ready, Set, Learn (10:00 – 11:00 am)

April 11         –    PAC Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

April 19         –    Class Photos

April 25         –    Grade 6 Immunizations

April 26         –    Pizza Hot Lunch

 Ten reasons to read to your children

1.           When you hold them and give them this attention, they

know you love them.

2.      Reading to them will encourage them to become readers.

3.      Childrenʹs books today are so good they are fun even for adults.

4.      Illustrations in childrenʹs books often rank with the best, giving children a lifelong feeling for good art.

5.      Books are one way of passing on your values.

6.      Books will enable your childʹs imagination to soar.

7.      Until they learn to read themselves they will think you are magic.

8.      For that short space of time, they will stay clean and quiet.

9.      If you do, they may let you read in peace.

10.    Every teacher and librarian they ever encounter will thank you.

Going Green for April

In honour of Earth Day on April 22, the Learning at Forsyth blog is going green.  Today I launched a challenge to our school – each class, group, individual, or family – to set a goal for the month on any environmental issue, and to keep track of progress towards reaching that goal.  Our goals must be SMART – that is, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  I’ve decided on two personal goals: 1) to turn the lights on in my office only when necessary to do my work, and 2) to have “litter-free lunches” at least three days per week.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Throughout the month our blog posts will focus on what different groups are doing to make a difference for the planet, and how they’re getting there.  We hope you’ll join us!

Arts Alive at Forsyth Road


Walking through our classrooms and halls one will marvel at the wide variety of artistic activities our students have been undertaking! I decided to use this as the subject of my latest Animoto video. If you haven’t played with Animoto, it’s a super-easy FREE app for making videos from any subject. Please give this video a view by clicking the link below and let us know what you think of our art projects. Thanks for watching!

Arts Alive at Forsyth Road

Marshmallow building scientists!

Div. ‘s grade 3 students are learning about building structures. First we did some research on the computer to learn about structures. We did science labs to learn about loads, materials, and shapes. Then we got to build our structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.

The structure Isabella was making with Yiey was supposed to be an apartment building. It started to bend down so we started to give it more support by making crosses and giving it more support. Then it started to look like the new library!20130225-093201.jpg

Sharaheel and Raafi worked on this structure. “This building is a temple. I wanted it to go up to the sky. I think it didn’t go that high because the base was too small. If we want it to be bigger, we could have made the base have a triangle so that it would be able to support higher walls. Then we ate all the marshmallows!”